Why Some Yes, and Others No?

My name is Margarito Broche Espinosa. I was born March 30, 1957. I live, reside, I don’t know what I should stay about the bad state of my life, at Avenida 39 number 1603 between 16 and 18, Caibarien Municipality, Villa Clara Province.

On March 18, 2003, I was arrested; I am one of those 75 men whom the world demanded and, for some, whom it continues to demand; I am of that sad event, “The Black Spring.”

Tried and sentenced to 25 years in prison. My case is number 1 of 2003. Prisoner of conscience.

Some months later, with a parole, due to my health, I left prison. It’s odd, of the 75 very few have been released; and of those of us on the outside, almost none have been allowed to leave the country; though having, in effect, the status of a refugee.

I am of this group, those who cannot freely leave the country, they refuse me the permit, and I have a refugee visa.

Anyone can call me at (53 42) 36-3693. I am a sick man, I suffer a strange and cruel punishment in relative freedom.

Many thanks, really I thank you very much; remember that here, interred in Caibarien, very few see me or remember my existence.


~ by Juan Juan Almeida on June 18, 2010.

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