I see things clearly now. The government has problems and adopts its usual option: lies, repression and blackmail.

It’s no secret that international pressure is great and growing, and given this, how to give up without giving up? Very easy, with medical assistance, and the setting free of a handful of political prisoners of those of the Black Spring 75. With that they will kill several birds with one stone, the Ladies in White will stop their marches, leaving the national and international scene, while Fariñas, an uncomfortable stone in their shoe, will abandon his hunger strike.

Later, while the world is busy watching the show — after the liberation of several political prisoners, with the induced and convenient departure from the country, accompanied by some of the Ladies in White — the government will then stealthily launch a repressive wave against the invisible ones.

Without a  doubt, a magisterial play, worthy of Anatoli Carpov.

With this, they earn time and the pressure will decrease. Well now, we have one question left. Why the Catholic Church? Here it comes: there is a silent rumbling that Cardinal Jaime Ortega will retire very soon, and the purple will be worn by one of those substitutes who I do not want to mention because as I said, it is a simple rumor.

Translated by: Mari Mesa Contreras


~ by Juan Juan Almeida on May 24, 2010.

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