Claudia’s Testimony

1. I know you have a blog that is quite well-known, but tell me, Claudia… who are you?

My name is Claudia Cadelo De Nevi, I’m 27. Probably to say that I write a blog would not be a big deal in a normal country, but in Cuba the fact that I have one makes me a rare specimen and an annoyance to the government.

2. A while ago you told me that the office immigration and emigration denied you permission to travel. But for them to have denied you, you must have had the possibility of a trip. I would like to ask where you were planning to go and why.

The possibility of a trip was, sad to say, marvelous: a group of German bloggers organized a meeting with various colleagues from around the world and decided to invite me. They had conferences, conversations, concerts… in short, a marvelous opportunity to know blogs and countries far away and to promote the alternative Cuban blogosphere.

3. On May 17, a few days from now, the summit meeting of the European Union-Latin America and Carribean (ALC) will be held in Madrid, with numerous heads of state or representatives from the individual countries. But asking around I heard from “Someone” the rumor that you were denied permission to travel because “information exists” that you were thinking of taking part in a demonstration against the presence of the Cuban delegation in that summit. Tell me Claudia, is there any truth to this story? And if it’s just a story, why do you think they refused to let you travel?

To imagine myself participating in a repudiation rally against Bruno Rodriguez is an image worthy of a comedy show, I can’t even imagine it, it would be a cruel fantasy from my darkest hours. Who could even have thought up an idea so obtuse?

Speaking seriously — the question seems like a joke — I didn’t know anything about any summit meeting anywhere. Look, there are, perhaps, three possibilities: one, that the Cuban government overestimates Octavo Cerco and this humble servant — which would be an honor but a highly unlikely one. Two, that the Cuban intelligence services are completely paranoid, disoriented and misinformed. Three, and this is the most logical option, although we know that that science does not work very well with the Cuban leaders, your informants are being led astray by their bosses. You choose the reason you like best; for my part, honestly, it doesn’t interest me. It is unfair, period.

4. And in closing, I am not an immigration official, you can tell me: If they had let you go, were you planning to return? And why?

I like my country, a kind of “idiot love of the land.” Of course I was planning to return; my whole life is here, my mother, my husband, my friends, my dogs… As one of my friends said: My soul is firmly chained to this earth.


~ by Juan Juan Almeida on May 15, 2010.

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