A letter arrives from jail. 3 young people ask for help.


Sir I send this letter to you who I know is defending human rights. That you should see the injustice that they want to do to us.  We are 3 people and these are our names:

Cristóbal Rodríguez  Contreras
Diógenes Concesión Méndez
Yosbany  Rodríguez

We are all Cuban citizens, residents of the United States

When we were in the U.S.A. we went to the Embassy of Cuba so they would give us a visa as we have family members who are sick, and the mother of Diogenes with cancer. Well they denied us, we went to Mexico, to the Mexican Embassy and spoke with the Cuban and the answer was that we would come back in the same way that we left, and that is what we did. Arriving in Cuba we are accused of trafficking in persons, we  spent a few days on a hunger strike and they took away the (charge of) trafficking and now they want to condemn us for illegal entry but they forced us to come this way and we are also Cuban citizens, why do they want to accuse us of entering the country where I was born and why we are forbidden to see our families who are sick, were it not for our families we would never have come to Cuba because we know that there is no respect for human rights, I say this because knowing who you are you may be able to help telling all this to any media and especially Radio Marti for all to know that the government of Cuba has no respect for people or for anything.

There are also many people in the same situation as us who were released, why not us?  Cuba’s prisons are full and many sleep on the floor as is the case here in Melena del Sur, it seems this is what the government of Cuba wants.

I am telling you all this because it seems that this is just an arbitrary desire to punish us and I do not understand why, because according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights everyone has the right to freely leave and enter their country, including state security which has released those who they caught for entering illegally in a few months and now we have been here 9 months, I think they are committing an injustice and we decided to go on a hunger strike again, but now they will let us go or we will die.

Many thanks, awaiting your help

signed / (Cristóbal) (Diógenes) (Yosbany)


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