My name is María Elena Morejón, Cuban, political exile in Germany.

My story is not very different from that of thousands of Cubans, particularly the thousands of children of the dictatorship kept separate from their parents by the caprices of an irresponsible mob who insist on making us accept it, to live like a herd of sheep and to anyone who resists they apply as a greater punishment cruelty and emotional blackmail. Me, they separated me from my son for almost two years, he was 5 and they didn’t let him leave Cuba, his father defected in Austria, I married a German, and with that they tried to extort me.

I started working on getting an exit permit for my son in October of 2001, I sent letters to the immigration office and presented his medial record.  No response. In December an acquaintance at MININT advised me that from Germany it would be more a more effective process. In April 2002 I had not received any news, desperate I asked a family member to go to the national immigration office, the official who met with him assured him that the permission for the child would be received in a short time. Convinced, I flew to Cuba.

When I arrived they informed me that my son and I would be punished for the defection of my ex-husband. On April 25 an immigration official told me that the policy of the government is that the family members of “deserters” could not leave the country for 5 years… “THE REVOLUTION MUST DEFEND ITSELF”… was his strongest argument. In June I returned to Germany, still without my son, after months of no reply.

On March 1 I wrote the Cuban ambassador in Germany, warning him that I would go public with the situation of my son, a minor, an orphan with living parents, I got no answer to the letter attached here. I went to Geneva (Human Rights), to the Vatican, contacted the embassies in Germany, I needed help and international attention, my son was a hostage of the Cuban government.

On June 26, 2003, my parents called to tell me they had received permission for my son to leave.  So ended two years of anguish and sadness. The emotional damage is irreparable. The last time I could enter Cuba was at the beginning of 2003 when I still was being blackmailed, believing that for a “normal” life they would let me be with my son. Since then I have lost four of my dearest family members, I couldn’t see any of them, I couldn’t kiss them before they left this life. Today I have my son with me, this was the price I had to pay for it.

My son came to Germany July 16, 2003.



~ by Juan Juan Almeida on April 22, 2010.

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