To Everyone who Reads this Letter, Please, Circulate it. Thank You.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010.  Havana, Cuba.

Mr. Raúl Castro Ruz.

A fellow human being has died today.  His name was Orlando Zapata Tamayo.  I don’t know if he was white, black, heterosexual, gay, tall, short, or a dwarf… I don’t know.  He died after undertaking a long hunger strike to reclaim what he understood to be his rights.

I ask you, President:  Are you not ashamed?  Must we come to these extremes?  Don’t you think it would be better if you would just give up the arrogance and listen?

Today, I do not ask for my departure, I am asking for much more.  I request, sir, I beg that you resign.  Get away from this country.  You don’t deserve respect.

Juan Juan Almeida Garcia

Translated by Raul G.


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