A “Delinquent” is Someone Who Commits a Crime, Me No, I Am Just a Worker

My name is José Ángel Vera García, I live in 62 A Street # 2307, between 23rd and 25th, Playa Municipality, Havana, Cuba. My e-mail address is veragarciapatriota@yahoo.es

My mother dreamed many times about fixing our home, she requested permits, she asked for permits, and asked to buy materials, but nothing happened. Time passed and passed, and one day in 2006 my mother passed away. Later they came to do an inspection and a technical evaluation of the deplorable conditions of our home.

One more time, and as usual, bureaucracy and negligence continued its silence as an answer

I forgot to add here that since 2002 I have been considered a dissident. Could this have been a sanction for my beliefs?

I don’t know. In May 2007, the Interest Section of the United States in Cuba gave me a visa, specifically under the Section for Political Refugees.

I presented my papers June 8, 2009, to the West Section of Immigration and Foreign Affairs. This department is in charge of the Municipality where I live; without any explanation my exit permit has been denied

Facing all these denials, in November 2009, I wrote and delivered a letter addressed to General Raúl Castro, to the Minister of the Interior, to the National Assembly and to the address of Immigration and Foreign Affairs. To this date I have received no answer.

I cannot fix my home, I cannot leave the country, nor can I understand why the State and its Power insist on breaking the law. I am not a delinquent, I have no criminal record, I just remind then that “Criminals” are those who commit crimes, me no, I am just a worker.

Translated by: Mari Mesa


~ by Juan Juan Almeida on February 21, 2010.

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