And the Response Was Worse

I’m Roby Gonzáles Torres, defender and promoter of human rights.  I live at 2715 70th Street, Apt 3, between 27 and 29, Havana Cuba.  And whoever would like to confirm that, you can call me at (537) 2073196  or write me at

For years I have been the victim of repression and harassment by this government through its State Security Agency and its notorious flunkies.  July 22nd, 2009 I received my visa endorsement from the program for political refugees from the United States’ of America Interest Section.  July 27th of the same year I applied for the “Definitive Exit Permit” for myself and my family.  After various denials, I wrote to Raul Castro Ruz, to the National Assembly, to the higher-ups in the Ministry of the Interior, and to the higher-ups in Immigration and Foreign Affairs.  And the response was worse: my wife and children were given authorization, they left school in September, and haven’t been in school since.  If this isn’t sped up, they’ll have to repeat the grade.

But that’s not the problem.  My father is very ill, he suffers from senile dementia, it’s bad.  And, of course, the Cuban government, based on unjust, absurd, and irrational laws, give the power to a government attorney (who doesn’t even know my father, doesn’t bathe him, doesn’t feed him, nor does he take him out to get some sun in the afternoons) to decide if my father can leave the national territory.  And that’s not to mention the difficult and extensive process I have to go through to hire lawyers, etc. etc. etc.

The price one pays to live in freedom: Will the Cuban government be the father of my father?

Translated by BW and JN


~ by Juan Juan Almeida on February 8, 2010.

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