And if the government doesn’t listen to me, then God must listen to me

My name is Carmelo Diaz Fernandez, I live at 307 Neptune Street in Central Havana.  I don’t intend to fight with anyone nor overthrow the government.  I only want my permission to leave and that lucky white card so that I can just forget about everything, everything that I have already suffered.

In 2003 I was arrested during “The Black Spring”, I was one of the 75 prisoners of conscience.  I didn’t escape from jail, I was freed along with several others under an extra penal license.  Upon leaving prison I was told that if I could get a visa, they would allow me to leave the country. I applied for asylum at the American embassy and it was granted. I showed the Cuban public officials my documents, they came, they visited, they inspected my house. They took the title to my housing and as if just to bother me, they inventoried everything that I had.  The government forgot what they had one day promised me and since then, I have been suffering another sanction, another punishment.

I am telling my story because I cannot take it anymore.  I hope the world knows about the only thing I ask the Cuban government for. I am not asking for anything strange. What I am asking for is clearly defined in articles 13 and 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

If for some mysterious reason the government does not listen to me, then God must listen to me.

Translated by AV


~ by Auto Post on February 2, 2010.

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