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JJ, greetings on your page.

I am one of the many who live in this world of Cubans who cannot enter their country. Today, 3 years and 4 months. One day in August of 2006 I received notice from the Consulate in Moscow, via email, that the Office of Immigration and Emigration had suspended my scholarship and I needed to present myself in Cuba within 30 days. Of course I’m not unusual in that I didn’t go; but what has happened since then has put me in immigrant status. I immediately sent a letter to the official who signed the document asking for an explanation, but the answer was what I had expected: “silence”.

Fifteen days later, I sent another letter with the same result. After this I made no further efforts; I only sent a letter to the then-ambassador, Sr. Jorge Marti, informing him of the situation. Not so that he would help me, but rather to let him know, as we had known each other personally for more than 20 years. In that letter I reiterated that I wouldn’t ask permission to enter my country.

In these three long years my mother, aunts and cousins have died. Two grandchildren have been born and I have three children. I believe this is enough.

I hope for nothing, for a short while I hope for nothing, but I wish that your page is read by many and helps in some way to educated people about these violations because I am not a criminal nor a terrorist.. I am just a Cuban I’m not worried at all that in Cuba you spread this comment. So I am at your disposal from further information is needed. My children, especially the two girls, cry and beg me to do something (request, ask, beg), I love them; but I can’t do that, The word “dignity” exists in my case and plays and important role. It hurts me deeply that I am unable to visit my land or be with my loved ones. Thanks again, congratulations and best wishes for a good Christmas eve.

FELIX, a chilly Cuban in Moscow.

Translated by Anonymous and a little by Karen


~ by Juan Juan Almeida on December 26, 2009.

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