Juan Juan Almeida García

“May the master be ashamed,” for having to use the whip and the barracks, the stocks and slave hunters, “which embarrass the master.”

Open letter.

Secretary General of the United Nations,
Presidents, Excellencies, Chiefs of State, Leaders, Governors, Majesties, and His Holiness the Pope,
Religious authorities and churches worldwide,
The media,
Artists and intellectuals,
People of every race, sex, creed and age.

I have a painful disease that makes me stiff, I have the support of a medical institution in the United States that has agreed to treat me, and I have been given a visa to enter that country; but the Cuban government will not give me the exit permit I have been seeking for several years.

I ask only, please, that you take an interest in my case, maybe the President of the Council of State, and the Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, General of the Army Raúl Castro, would be willing to listen to you. With the greatest hope,

Juan Juan Almeida García.


~ by Auto Post on December 23, 2009.

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